*  Including "fund of funds": a unit portfolio that apart from liquid assets and approved securities, consist solely of units or any other form of participation in unit portfolios of unit trust schemes or other similar schemes, other than schemes in property shares.

1. Valued on the basis adopted for determining selling and repurchase prices of units.

2. That is with unexpired maturity up to and including three years.    
3. That is with unexpired maturity exceeding three years.    
4. As from April 1994 the former independant national states: Bophuthatswana, Ciskei, Transkei and Venda, and self-governing states: Gazankulu, KaNgwane, KwaNdebele, KwaZulu, Lebowa and QwaQwa, form part of RSA Government Stock and must be included under items 1, 2 and 36.  
Local authorities include transitional metropolitan councils, district councils and municipalities.     
6. Consult list in the latest "Institutional Sector Classification Guide for South Africa".    
7. Only applies to total that is, item 67 of column 1 of Part 3.    
8. At actual transaction values.      
9. Finance companies are companies formed with the specific purpose of obtaining funds in the form of, inter alia, loans, debentures and notes with the sole object of relending or investing these funds again in mortgage loans, advances, factoring or hire-purchase finance etc., excluding registered financial institutions, such as banks, insurers, etc.

10. If not listed on a foreign bourse, an estimated sales value must be furnished.    
11. Units or any other form of participation in other unit portfolios of a unit trust scheme or other similar scheme by a management company in a unit portfolio.
12. Trusts managed by foreign companies.